Sunday, December 9, 2012

Now that the November elections are over and the Progressive Liberals have won we need to take a look where our nation stands in its fight to retain a Constitutional Republic.  First let me reiterate my understanding of how and why our nation was formed as a Constitutional Republic, and not any other form of government by our founding fathers.

     1.  the founding fathers had just, or were about to conclude a Revolutionary War with the King of England to through off the shackels of a Kingdom ruled by a King.
     2.  the founding fathers wanted to form a new government that protected the right the people to grow, prosper, and be free of over burdening government control over the personal and economic lives.
     3.  the founding fathers wanted to form a form of government that would not only provide the first two elements above, but also a form of government that would endure for centuries to come.
With that in mind they set about holding conventions of dialog, and there were many, in which each member could have a say, an input, and be able to finally agree to a form of government that would accomplish the three elements above.
Make no illusions, there was verying degrees of disagreement during and after the process was completed on which form of government was to be formed, but in the end they all signed off on our Constitutional Republic as the form of government for the United States of America.
Why did the fournding fathers settle on the Consitutional Republic as the form of government?  It was decided after much discussion, and research of all forms of government that the only enduring form was the Republic, because through out history the only long enduring form of government was a Republic, that all other forms thrived for a short period in history and then were changed by those in power, be they a king, a dictator, or those in power without a vote of the people who lived under that form of government.  In this instance our Constitutional Republic was formed as having the chance to endure over the centuries, without over burdening centralized government, and giving the people the say on who would respresent them at the seat of the federal government.

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