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In September 2010 I wrote a blog article entitled “Dumbing Down the Constitution of the United States of America”.  In that article I pointed to the concerted effort of the Liberals, Progressives (of both major parties), Socialists, Marxists, and Communists who inhabit the United States of America, and our government to subvert our constitution, and never go through the amendment process that our founding fathers provided for in that document.

These individuals know full well that to amend our constitution requires, not only congressional approval, and the president’s signature, but also the approval of ¾ of the various states to reach ratification; a huge task that even if the two branches of government approve the amendment it does not become a done deal until the states sign off.  Therefore the group mentioned above has consistently subverted the process, and allow unconstitutional legislation, rules and regulation to interfere with We the Peoples’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as dictated by our founding fathers.

All of this said, I have become a little more hopeful, that our constitutional process is working again, with the elections in 2010 when those running as Republican fiscal, and constitutional conservatives won control of our House of Representatives, and made the Senate basically a non starter by denying the Democrats therein a filibuster proof Senate.

From the stand point of conservative seat pickups we are still a long way from getting our nation on track again, and reining in congress’, and the white house’s irrational spending, and borrowing.

Our major hurdle are those still sitting in congress that managed to get re-elected as fiscal conservatives, only to prove otherwise by their debt limit increase vote in August 2011.

These Republicans are the ones who revealed their true ideology by their vote.  When these individuals ran for election, and re-election they promoted themselves as fiscal, and constitutional conservatives when in fact they were not; if you do not believe me check the vote on that legislation.  Remember this; in my opinion, Boehner is the RINO ringleader in our House of Representatives, and McConnell his counter part in the Senate, but then those are state issues to be resolved.  Out of the House freshmen group elected in 2010 only 60+, out of 89 elected, voted NO on that bill, these are the true fiscal, and constitutional conservatives, the others are either moderated right, or moderate left which is not what We the People need for our nation that is trying to right itself from the 80+ plus years marching toward Socialism, or worse.

As an example; my home state, North Dakota, elected Republican John Hoeven as our Senator to replace Byron Dorgan who retired, and Rick Berg to our House of Representatives; I voted for both of these men, because their were no other options during that election except Socialist Democrats.  Both of these men have disappointed me by supporting the Debt Limit increase bill.  Therefore I will not support either, except they are better than any Democrat North Dakota would send up to oppose them.  Rick Berg is not running for re-election to the House, as promised, because he has decided now that his place is in the Senate, to replace Conrad who is not running, as of this writing he will be opposed on the Republican side in the up coming election by someone I can support, and only because he did not go to congress, and do what his told us his supporters he would do, support, and defend the constitution of the United States of America, In my opinion, unfortunately Rick has already be inducted in the establishment old boys club in Washington DC; and therefore earns the label of RINO in his first half of his first term.  John Hoeven on the other hand, was not much of a surprise to me since he was a Moderate governor in his 3 ½ terms as governor in ND, he did a good job in the state, and was basically controlled on the fiscal side by our fiscally conservative legislature who held him in check.  So unless we, in ND, can find someone to oppose John on the Republican side, who is more fiscally, and constitutionally conservative, we will continue to re-elect him by acclamation.

Back to congress, and the white house; until We the People can undue what we did in 2008, and get rid of the usurper in the white house, correct the make up of the congress to give us a more constitutionally conservative congress, and elect a constitutionally eligible conservative president we will need to hold the line in congress.  That means the 2011 freshmen class in our House of Representatives needs to hold the line; advance no legislation that further jeopardizes our nation nationally, or internationally.  Since all legislation originates, or is suppose to originate, in the house has control, as long as they are willing to exercise it.  We all know the congress cannot really advance any legislation to rein in our federal government since it will not get through the other branch of government currently, and there is not now in place a veto proof congress.

What the House of Representatives can do however, is through the budget process is not fund departments and agencies that are detrimental to this nations financial recovery; and by not funding these departments and agencies they are virtually shutdown with no, or limited funding.  Since the Republicans control the house nothing comes out of there unless they have approved it by majority vote.  Can they do this, yes; will they do this, maybe, it really depends on those Republicans that voted for the Debt Limit Increase will they again play nice, or will they hold the line?  Your guess is as good at mine.

A lesson you should have learned in high school civics, or history, or both.  Our constitution provides that our House of Representatives is elected every two years in total; the founding fathers had a reason for this mandate; and their reasoning basically says this; if the people you elect to represent you in the House of Representatives do not do your will you may elect someone different in two years, that way You the People have control of your federal government, so long as you exercise your option every two years.

These were intelligent men who had visions, and wisdom beyond their years, they knew what it would take to preserve our Constitutional Republic as long as We the People were willing to exercise our rights every time we voted.  They could not have provided more!

We also have to remember this, we are not a Democracy, our founding father did not want a Democracy, they knew Democracies only last for a short period of time, and then end up a Dictatorship, and morph from there.

What founding fathers wanted for our new nation was something that would endure for centuries; that gave the people the ability to control their government, and provide to the states their rights not to be interfered with by the federal government.  Therefore they chose a Constitutional Republic, which would be a representative form of government controlled by the constitution they were about to setup, and the laws to be derived there from.  That is exactly what they did; they gave us a Constitutional Republic which endures today, as it did 235 years ago; no other form of government has survived as long, and has Ben Franklin said. “As long as you can keep it”

What the Progressives, and those that support their ideology want; however is a Democracy; and in that effort they have been able to brainwash We the People over the years to refer to our nation as a Democracy when is fact it is not.  Controlling people’s thoughts is what their agenda is all about; if they can control your thoughts, and your thought process they control you.  They are good at it, and if you do not believe that reflect on all the social engineering that they have promoted over the years to get you to believe what they want you to believe.

What is social engineering, simply put it is getting everyone to believe you cannot say, or do what you believe is right without their approval; in the eyes of those social engineers everyone must be equal.  This is not what our constitution says.  Born out of that philosophy’s Political Correctness (PC), don’t call a spade a spade even if it is a spade it maybe offensive to someone.  If it’s a spade, why not just call it a shovel, shovel does not have any negative connotations, when in fact a shovel come is many forms, where a spade comes in one specific shape understood by all; so where does the rationale fall, it falls in not wanting to offend anyone for any reason.  Dumb-Dumb, and Dumber.

The Progressives are good at this, and over the years have instilled this in every walk of life.  If your kid is an idiot, he’s an idiot; but when proven his is an idiot they then label him as mentally challenged because it has less of a negative impact on the idiot, or his parents.

Social engineering comes in all forms; welfare programs that are designed to level the playing field for those who do not want to provide for themselves, and expect government to provide for them the things they will not work for by using our tax dollars to support them.  My pet social engineering issue goes way back, I can’t even remember what year it was, but it started with the NCAA’s decision to strip every affiliated NCAA athletic team, or school from using any reference in their team name, or mascot that offended, or might offend, the native American Indians.  These NCAA rulings have never been adequately tested in court to my knowledge; on the professional level this type of social engineering has been challenged, and the team that won that court decision, are still the Washington Redskins because they receive no federal funding.

Back to the college level, and this has more to do with federal funding for colleges and universities than anything else, one of the first to feel the heat was the Stanford Indians of Stanford University, they are now the Stanford Cardinals, I wonder is the birds may be offended.

There have been a host of others over the years who have felt the heat of the NCAA’s social engineering, and if you do not capitulate you will not be able to compete on a national level in any bowl, or even some conferences, and you may not be eligible for any federal school funding; if you play you will play as an independent against team that are willing to schedule a game with you.  How likely is that?

The latest test in now in North Dakota, the University of North Dakota has been the “Fighting Sioux” forever; a few years ago the NCAA informed the school that it would need to change it’s nickname because it was offensive to the native American Indians, long story short, the university capitulated over the objections of the majority of North Dakotans and alumni; and there have been delays, and of course law suits.  In the 2011 legislative session, in ND, the state legislature ordained the Fighting Sioux would live on, and the governor signed the legislation into law, so the NCAA now has threatened to not allow the UND teams to compete, basically outside the state, unless they follow through on the mandate from them.  There is a meeting the NCAA at their headquarters in Indianapolis IN this month with our college officials, state education officials, including the governor, and attorney general, regarding the NCAA’s social engineering.  It will be interesting to see what happens, since this is likely to end up in the courts in ND.

But this again is all about Social Engineering of the first order, and continues to play into the hands of the Progressives who are the ones we really need to be worried about in representing We the People in congress.  The Liberal, Socialist, Marxists, and

Communists are what they are; it is the Progressives who lay waste to our constitution quietly, slowly, and methodically; with the support of the others who have no traction without the Progressives’ coattails.  Watch the RINOs they say one thing, and then do the opposite.

Listen not to what anyone says, pay attention to what they do, that is the true measure of the person.

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