Friday, January 24, 2014

Questions about Barrack H Obama who sits in our White House

I have researched Obama’s past but like everyone else I come to a brick wall when I try to access his real past history.  Obama really does not exist, and records that have been accessed indicate he is a man without a country of origin, why is that?
Why does he and his handlers continue to conceal his past?
Here are a few question I have for anyone who can answer them:

  1. Is Obama our first illegal alien president?
  2. Who is Obama, really; does anyone other than his dead mother and grandmother know for certain who he is and where he came from? 
  3. Why did Obama’s White House handlers need to photo shop a fraudulent birth certificate for him?
  4. Why did Obama’s handler allow that fraudulent photo shopped birth certificate to be posted on the White House website without first flattening it to conceal its fabrication?
  5. Was Obama registered at Occidental College, Columbia and Harvard as a foreign student?
  6. What passport did Obama use to return to the US for Indonesia, and where is that passport?
  7. Why was Obama’s name scratched off his mother’s passport when she applied for an extension while living in Indonesia?
  8. Where is the passport Obama used to travel to Pakistan, India and Indonesia while he was in college.
  9. When was his name officially changed from Barry Soetoro to Barrack Obama?
  10. What was the country of origin for Obama’s passport used during his college years?
  11. Why does Obama use the SSN that was issued to another in the state of CT?
  12. Why were Obama's 2010 Federal and State tax returns filed with a SSN that belonging to someone who lived in CT?
  13. What influences did and does Bill Ayers Jr. have with Obama?
  14. Did Bill Ayers Jr. teach Obama how to hide his past by using false IDs as Ayers did while hiding for years as a Weather Underground fugitive?
  15. Why does Obama continue to keep all his vital and not so vital personal records sealed?
  16. How did Obama get a fraudulent backdated Selective Service Card and Selective Service Registration form?
  17. Can anyone forensically prove Obama's nationality, country of origin, paternal parentage?
  18. Where are Obama's documents, period?
  19. Is Obama truly a man without a country?
  20. What is Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brother Hood?
just a few questions that need answers.

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