Saturday, March 12, 2011


The 2010 elections are over; lets see where we are at today, sixteen months later:

Today we have elected a new slate of congressional representatives for the 112th Congressional term; those constitutional and fiscal conservatives coming into congress in both house should set the tone for the 112th congressional session, and we will see who gets Washingtonized, and who will remain true to their constituents back home. Remember, the House of Representatives is elected in total every two years, while only one third of the Senate is elected every two years, depending on which senate class each member is in, so pay attention; our elections are effectively term limits at the ballot box as long as we exercise our right to vote; if you don’t vote you can’t bitch.

Today we have a constitutionally, and fiscally conservative group of freshmen legislators in both house of congress; fortunately the House of Representatives is firmly controlled by the “Republicans”, although this is something of a misnomer since many of those who ran as Republicans were in fact fiscally conservative, and constitutional conservatives that were really not party aligned other than with the “Tea Party Movement”, regardless of how they reached the house, or senate; work remains to be done. These freshmen are making themselves known, as is already evident in their collective actions in both houses. For me what is interesting is not the new freshmen, and their agenda, but the old guard still sitting in those chambers. This old guard is having a hard time reconciling their old ways of doing things in both houses against these freshmen who come with a different agenda. Those old, still sitting, politicians are grasping for way to seem like the new group, but are finding it difficult to sign on since they have to change their entrenched ideologies that have kept them there for so long, and their new emerging constituents population back home who are demanding something totally different from them. These are mostly the RINO group, Republicans In Name Only, still in Washington. It is important that we watch what these RINOs do, or do not do, as opposed what they say. Many of this old guard who are up for re-election in 2012 will be gone when the 2012 elections are over, because they cannot bring themselves to really align with their new constituents back home. Most of the people who kept them in both houses of congress for years are literally dying off; and the new majority, in each state, does not see it the same way their fathers and mothers did; I count myself in the dying off portion of the old majority, fortunately I never saw things quiet like my father and mother did when it came to our governments, federal or state; that does not mean my parents were bad people, only that they had a different ideology than I did. Some of the still sitting old guard individuals have already decided not to run in 2012, for reasons we all know, they do not want to go down defeated.

Today there is a new movement in the Republican Party to reinvent itself, in my opinion the Progressive wing of the Republican Party has virtually destroyed the grand old party, and control needs to be taken away from those Progressives. The Progressive movement, in the Republican Party, view our constitution as a “living document” that needs to be changed as modern times evolve; what these individuals do not understand is our founding fathers did not intend for our constitution to evolve, unless it was through the amendment process, in which we all get to decide true or false by ¾ of all the states whether we like the proposed changes or not. When you look to see who the Progressives are you only have to look at their voting records, their sponsored legislation, and bounce that against our constitution as written, amended and ratified to see where they stand in their beliefs.

Today we have a decision from the Supreme Court of the United States of America in which they have refused to here the Writ of Certiorari regarding Obama’s citizenship. What the court is really saying by this decision is it is none of the nation’s, or our constitution’s, business where, or how our sitting president was born; or if he is even eligible for the office he sits in; or in fact whether he is a US citizen. I my view a cowardly act on their part, and a violation of the oath they took when sworn-in to the court.

Today we have a United States Supreme Court which is hands off on cases that do not fit into their majority ideology; which is not the purpose for which they sit on the court. The sitting justices are supposed to be disposed to the rule of law as laid down in out nation’s constitution; and no other law, wherever it comes from.

Today we still have a person sitting in the Office of President of the United States, and pretends to be our lawful Commander in Chief of the armed forces, who, as of now, still has not produced an original long form birth certificate, or a certified copy thereof; the same birth certificate all of us must produce to obtain a United States Passport, he has one; and for issuance of many other official documents. I just received my passport this past year, and I could not have obtained it without a certified copy of my long form birth certificate, and other government issued identification. Purportedly Obama has had a Passport since his college days, acknowledged by his travel to Pakistan, India, and Indonesia while he was a college student; was that a US Passport, or a Passport from some other country? We do not know the official answer to that, other than what he, and his handlers tell us without documented proof. Since Obama, etal has spent so much money keeping his vital records sealed from everyone it makes a reasonable person wonder what does he have to hid from the people he represents? During the 2008 election cycle, McCain, through media insistence, produced his long form birth certificate; why was there no such insistence from the media for Obama to produce his long form birth certificate? One can only wonder, and speculate the agenda of our national media. Why no public outcry, or concern, about who represents them on the world stage? Who is Obama?

Today there is also overwhelming documented evidence that the “president’s” social security number belongs to a deceased man from Connecticut who would be well over 100 year old today. Even if this individual is deceased the Social Security Administration never reissues social security numbers. How did Obama obtain this SSN? No one in our Justice Department is asking that question, even though it is fraudulent to have, and use, someone else’s social security number. Then there is the question; why would Obama’s social security number have been issued in Connecticut in the first place since he never lived there?

Today we have done away with the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for the military; when I was part of the active duty military, for 30 years, you could always suspect who was gay, now you will not have to suspect it if those who are gay openly admit their sexual preference, and its shower time in the communal showers of the ships at sea. How would you feel showering with a known gay, or lesbian? Is this not hypocrisy since heterosexual men and women are not permitted to openly shower together in the military?

Today we have Harry Reid’s Dream Act. Where in our constitution does it say all who come to this country illegally, however the got here, have a right to United States citizenship; or to a taxpayer funded education? Not even the 14th Amendment to our constitution says that. It is just like the word democracy, you cannot find it anywhere in our founding documents; it is therefore apparent our founding fathers did not intend for our nation to be a democracy, but did intend for our nation to be a constitutional republic, a nation of laws derived from our constitution, and from no other source. Remember, congress can make no laws that are not derived from the constitution; and they cannot amend our constitution without ratification by ¾ of the 50 states.

Today we have a national budget which is not required to be balanced at the end of each congressional year, Why? In several of our United States it is constitutionally required.

Today we still have deficit spending; why is it a game plan for our nation?

Today we have a Social Security Trust Fund Lock Box full of IOUs from our federal government; why, and where did the money collected from all of us go, and who authorized it?

Today we still have Ear Marks as a means for congress to spend more of our tax dollars; and yes, they do not cost that much when bounced against the overall costly programs our federal government has brought upon us; but still it is a means for our congressional members to give everyone back home a feeling they are doing something important, and perpetuates away to keep them in congress each election cycle. Why not reduce the states taxes to Washington, and simply leave the money in the state’s treasury, and let the state legislatures decide where, and how the money will be spent for the betterment of the state overall. If it is needed for a federal project, civilian, or military, it should be budgeted through those departments, not allocated by congressional members. Is it not the state legislatures who have a better understanding our state’s needs, and what needs to be done; or is it one lone politician who has a hidden agenda?

Today we still have a multitude of elected officials, non-elected government officials, media ilks, educated and non educated people of all walks of life still referring to our nation as a Democracy for some strange reason; since we are a representative government elected in our various states to represent us in Washington, our nation’s people have somehow been indoctrinated to believe we are a democracy; when in fact this is not true. Our nation was founded, and still is, a Constitutional Republic, a nation of laws derived from our constitution. We need to remember our constitution cannot be changed, other than through the amendment process, to believe otherwise is the Progressive, Socialist and Liberal ideology that they can subvert our constitution through the osmosis of indoctrination of “the people”, and not be burdened by the amendment process.

Today repeat after me: Constitutional Republic, a Nation of Laws, Constitutional Republic, a Nation of Laws, Constitutional Republic, a Nation of Laws. Rote learning helps, Progressive, Liberals, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists use it all the time.

Today as we look at our federal government, and its overreaching control of every aspect of our lives, and the usurping of State’s Rights through all of the legislation, regulatory controls, department and agencies; one wonders where does it all end. While our congressional representation goes to Washington each year, what do they do; besides write new legislation to further control We the People, our businesses, and our state governments. Would it not be novel for them to go to congress each year with the idea to not write new legislation, but to get rid of departments, agencies, and laws that are too controlling, over reaching, and burdensome to the people who operate business that produce jobs and drive the economy of our nation. If each of them would do this we eventually could get back to fiscal sanity; transfer responsibilities back to state governments where it belongs, and get back to limited federal government which our founding fathers wanted for our nation.

Today, and Always, One Nation Under God, with life and liberty for all our citzens, Amen!

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