Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Since I last wrote in my blog I have been researching the mood of our nation’s people, affectionately known as “We the People”‘ and find amazingly the conservative moderates, libertarians, conservatives and constitutional conservatives have momentum now heading into the November 2010 elections; it is evidenced in the Tea Party movement, the resent election results across the nation, and the momentum is continuing to grow. The Liberals, Socialist Progressives, and others who would like to see the United States of America in a different form of government. They make not bones about it; and it is most evident who these people are when you listen to them describe our nation as a democracy, making no reference to our true form of government which is a Constitutional Republic, a nation of laws. The people, We the People have finally decided we have had enough from the representatives we have elected over the years who do not listen to We the People and make laws that fit their needs and not ours. The movement currently under underway says we want our nation back, you have taken us to far from our Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers gave us when drafting and consequently ratifying our constitution over 233 years ago.

How did our nation get to the point of selling our constitution down the drain over the last 80 to 100 years?

Progressively, at the behest of out congressional leaders who are part of the Progressive Movement, in concert with the Liberals in both parties, in our nation; The Progressive Movement was born 1908, or there about, and they have slowly, methodically, and progressively lulled We the People to sleep over the years, while be were thinking that our elected representatives were legislating in our, and the nations best interest; when in fact they were legislating in their own best interests by moving the nation to political correctness, providing entitlement benefit and welfare programs that created 4 and 5 generations of needy, greedy, and insolent third class citizens of this county resembling the cultures of the socialist, marxist, or communist countries of the world. These third class citizens, because of the training our federal government provided them through these several generation of expecting, and accepting these handouts from their federal government they can only function as there were trained to function. Is it not, in total, their fault, perhaps, 95% of the fault rests with our federal government, our elected representation, of both parties, and the various administrations that have come and gone over the last 80 to 100 years.

Can this welfare state system be reversed, yes, but it will take as long or longer to retrain this third class to the point of being able to provide for their own existence; the changes need to start within the third class society created by our federal government and nurtured over the years by the bureaucracy put in place by our government to manage these indigenous people. The changes will be slow, but it must start with changes in the system, repeal of enabling legislation, dismantling of agencies that are a part of the problem, and a slow education of those masses that have known no other way. Our churches, and communities need to be involved in that effort, or it will not succeed in making these people self sufficient over the course of time.

The reality of all this is; our nations Welfare System replaced slavery; and has taught the welfare recipients to lick the hands of their masters the Federal Government, and our elected representatives, instead of the Plantation Owners of old.

President Lincoln had it right, Wilson and the rest of the Progressives and Liberal who came after him put the slaved back in bondage, and it was done progressively, methodically until we are where we are today.

Socialism, does not work, Marxism does not work, Communism does not work, Liberalism does not work, and Progressivism does not work; all of these governmental systems require taking from the productive, and giving to the non-productive which are just entitlement societies.

If look around you, listen to what is said by your elected representatives at every level of government, and when they start deviating from the articles of our constitution and our Constitutional Republic as given to us by our founding fathers, it is time to standup and be heard.

It has always amazed me that our Progressive leaders speak of how our constitution needs to be a living document, and we need to change with the “world”.

They espouse the “New World Order”, “Globalization” as though all those foreign countries are a better model for our nation.

What those nations fail to remember is our country is the only one that has historically come to their aid when they have be in trouble be it war, financial distress, disaster, famine, genocide, and the list goes on; so if their governmental model is so great why have we the United States of America been the one everyone has relied on in the past, and does so today? Maybe we have been duped; maybe we created another welfare state out of the many foreign countries as well.

A point of consideration as we go to the ballot box this November.

We cannot be Isolationist, but we cannot also be the world’s keeper, there has to be moderation in those things we do in our national interests; and we cannot succumb to Progressives, and their ilk, to are willing to selling our country down the drain as I said at the beginning of this blog.

The Progressives and Liberals say that our constitution needs to be a living document, because as times changed over the years the content of Articles written needs to be reflect with “keep up with times”; strangely enough our Founding Fathers knew this was going to happen, and therefore provide a mechanism to accomplish this, my belief is they wanted to do this as an appeasment to progressives to come, and it is called the Amendment Process.

Much to the dislike of those who want a living constitution, they cannot seem to get around the amendment process, They have tried on numerous occasions; but the process seems to get stalled when it hits the requirements for ratification should their amendments ever make it out of congress; it seems those stubborn states are not thinking the same way Washington does; and therefore chances of ratification seem an impossible hurdle, and will as long as We the People stay vigilant.

Stay true to yourself, and our nation, keep the watch.

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