Sunday, January 3, 2010


Having been silent in my blog postings for over a month, I now find I necessary to pick up my computer keyboard again, and comment on some of my observations over the past month and a half.

First, Happy New Year!

Chasing Obama’s eligibility to be president continues, and will go all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. He is an illegal alien, pure and simple. What’s the difference between Obama and Jesus? Nothing; neither had a long form birth certificate.

Obama’s public approval rating has dropped below 50%, and continues to head toward congresses’ approval rating; this is amassing, since he has only been in office 11 months, amazing. Carter socialist all over again!

Obama has picked up his Noble Prize, for doing nothing, but then it is a very liberal and socialistic organization.

The senate voted the healthcare bill into house conference, in their effort to propel our country further in to socialism. I do not think they will succeed. We will get some kind of healthcare bill, but nothing the Liberals for Kennedy will like.

The CIA is not happy with Obama’s lack of leadership at the national and international level. They blame Obama, and his administration, for the recent deaths of the CIA operatives in Afghanistan.

The military leadership is not happy with the delays in getting the troops to Afghanistan, and Obama’s resurrected Vietnam combat policy (early in the war) of don’t shoot unless they shoot first; we don’t want to offend our “host” nation, which gets our troops and CIA operatives killed; as it did in Vietnam.

And then there is Obama’s Hawaiian Christmas vacation; which masquerades, while his family may be enjoying Hawaii, and it is beautiful scenery, Obama is busy working on his long form birth certificate.

In spite of all this there is evidence, over the past year, that our nation is waking up for its deep sleep of the past 80 years, and finally is ready to take back their abdicate rights from the people they gave them to over the years, their elected representatives in both house of Congress.

It has, in my view, been very encouraging to watch as “We the People” finally not only seen the light, but are now stepping up to the plate, and making their voices heard. The “Tea Parties” and other events are scaring the crap out of the Left. If you listen they are being heard, all you have to do is listen to the Liberal Left MSM bad month these patriots as radicals, insurgents, and out to touch a progressive society and reality; and they are nervous. Even the frightened in congress are downplaying the vocal patriots as radicals, low lever terrorists, ect.

It all starts at the local ballot boxes in every city, county and state in our nation. 2010 should be the resurgence of State’ Rights and the rights of We the People”. We need Conservative/Constitutionalists or Independent/Constitutionalists in our congressional houses, so listen not to what your candidate says, but to what they do before you vote; check them out.

As many have advocated, we need to change the entire face of both house of congress by replacing every sitting representative and senator as they come up for reelection. Some say that would leave us with less experience in government; I say, so what, what have the sitting electees done for our nation, and us while they were there? They have done We the People no favors simply based on the legislation they have produced which has further put all of us in jeopardy, and pushed our nation further toward socialism. As the advocates say, throw the bums out; and if the new elected representatives repeat the same mistakes of the ones they replace, throw those bums out too. It’s an evolutionary process, and it will not happen over night, but overtime. If we do not start today, this month, this year then we are already behind a day, a month, or a year. Watch who funds the campaigns of your legislative candidates; if you see big business and their PACs involved, do not vote for that candidate because they will be owing to that money source if they get elected. Personal donations, state funds for candidates, and the like is what each candidate should be showing on their financial disclosure statement for each run for their respective seats.

Remember, term limits? It starts at the ballot box for each election cycle; we do not need legislated term limits; it’s already there we just use it. In my opinion legislated terms limits is a voter copout that allow the legislative process to preempt going to the ballot box; a process that got us in to this situation in the beginning; complacency.

2009 was a disaster on the executive order and legislative front, and further imbedded the Liberals/ Socialists in our government, which started over 80 years ago. We the People, have now recognize that those in congress, in both parties, have little in common with the people back home, except they all come from where we live.

Our elected representatives, instead of going to congress each year to start eliminating laws on the books which hamper the growth of our nation in jobs, economics, and capitalism, find ways to further curtail that growth through new taxation, new policies and other way to redistribute the wealth of the nation.

If our electees would go there each session and repeal a law or two, and write no new legislation our nation would soon flourish, and head in the direction those of us have envisioned our entire adult live.

If you noticed the economic recession of 2009, has simply vanished, when you look at the recovery of the stock markets, the DJIA is now over 10,000 again, and the other stocks are back where they were before the markets were declared by the OUR government to be a disaster; all of this has been accomplished through nothing the government has done. The recovery was self-induced by the businesses making internal adjustments; as they would have with out our government declaring them in a recession. We all need to remember the government produces nothing, sells nothing, and never makes a profit as our wallets can attest to in our tax bills each year.

This is the current and ongoing problem of our legislative branch of government; most of those who are elected to their seats have never run a company, a business, or had to make payroll. They know nothing about meeting a budget, making payroll or positioning business in a market. That given, how can they tell someone how their business should be run; which they do with every piece of legislation they write, or enact, and is signed into law.

If these elected members of congress were good at running a business that is where they would be, running a business, not sitting in congress pretending to know is all.

That said; this is one of our real issues, in my opinion, if we go back to the founding of our nation; congress met annually, for at least one day, each legislative year to take care of the nations business; which was maintaining a Navy, funding the Army every two years, and dealing with commerce at the sea ports and borders. All money for the federal government was generated by import fees, duties and the like, there were no income tax. Since these legislators were not salaried they did not look to the federal government for their support or lively hood. In doing this they in effect were simply business owners of the nation who ran, and operated, their own companies. When they came to congress each session they brought with them their knowledge, experience, and insight for running a business, making a local economy grow, and did not legislate to interfere in that process. At the end of each session they went home, and continued to run their companies; their compensation while congress was in session covered their expenses, and comparable wages or salaries, and when they went home they took no more money from the US Treasurery. There was no federal retirement program, and they did not expect one, since they never legislated a retirement system during those sessions. Simple and effective, they were business people leading a nation.

Now fast forward to today, and our professional politicians we have elected into congress over the years, my how they have been self serving, and continue to be, and we let them get away with it because we allowed ourselves to think they knew better than We the People how to lead our nation. How wrong we were, and how wrong we will continue to be until We the People change the legislative system back toward the system our Constitutional Republic gave us.

Again, it starts at the ballot box, and in our institution of learning, which is a subject for another day.

Yes the nation is larger than 13 colonies today; but, common sense should also prevail; in the way we take care of managing our federal government. State’s Rights is one of the issues to getting our government back home where is belongs.

One more thing, before I silence my keyboard; Political Correctness is ruining this nation; the fear of offending any one should not be a concern in managing our daily lives, our businesses and our religious beliefs; the secular progressives would like it to be otherwise, and they have tried put the fear of government in all of us in place of the fear of God which we were raised to believe would be our bane if we did not live up to the Ten Commandments, and the bible’s preaching; and yes we are a Christian Nation first, last, and always.

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