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Dumbing Down the Constitution the United States of America

Dumbing Down the Constitution the United States of America

As I start this article, I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of what has happened to our Constitutional Republic over the last eighty years. In that regard where do I start?

Let’s start in 1928; FDR was elected Governor of New York, after several government jobs, including Secretary of the Navy under Wilson. Then in 1932 Roosevelt was nominated and elected as President of the United States of America. Times were tough, the stock market had collapsed, people were in the streets, out of work, and out of money, and desperate for job or help. The churches and synagogues were unable, as in the past, to meet the needs of those hungry and out of work. Then enter the New Deal Program, Roosevelt’s first of many social(istic) programs. This is not to say this was wrong, it was needed at the time, since the states had already abdicated their responsibilities to their citizens to our federal government. Usher in the Social Democratic rule of man in the United States; our founding fathers are still turning over in their graves today.

Had Roosevelt had the New Deal Program enacted, and voted into law with a sunset provision which would have been triggered by some mechanism, i.e. a full employment benchmark of 6% or less unemployment, or a GDP of X, etc. it would have made sense in a Constitutional Republic, a nation of laws, with small d democratic principles. This did not happen; and therefore was the mechanism of the New Deal Program which the was replaced by other welfare program; which progressively became more expansive over the ensuing years since 1932. The Constitution and 10th Amendment does not give Congress the authority to create, and perpetuate a Welfare State.

Many believe Roosevelt was a genius, and pulled our nation out the deep depression; this is mistaken thinking. This nation went to war (WW II) under Roosevelt, it was that war, the massive need for weapons, armor, planes, ammunition, food supplies, logistics, etc. that began the expansion and resurrection of the industrial industries in the United States. Yes it was federal dollars, bond dollars, etc. that paid the price to industry for the necessary expansion, employment, and the means to do this, but one also needs to remember the government, although supporting capitalism, controlled prices, commodities, and the industries until the end of the war effort.

Now back to my main thought when did the Constitutional Republic of the United States start it’s Dumbing down in earnest?

Following WW II the nation need a transition from the war effort, Roosevelt had died, Truman was president, the transition was short lived because of Korea; our next war, excuse me Military Police Action, as mandated by the United Nations, they could not call it a war, even though men and women were dying in support of South Korea against North Korea’s attempt to expand its influence over South Korea. Our congress could not bring themselves to sanction a war, therefore Truman declare it a Military Police Action since he could not get approval for a declaration of war out of congress..

Liberalizing the conservative world through the world organization, the UN.

Truman, in my opinion, was not a socialist liberal, as socialists go; he was a farmer from Missouri, he had actually made a living by working and running his own farm business, and practicing law, therefore he understood the need to allow business to operate with limited government influence. However, congress did not agree, and Truman was not elected to a second term; but then he should have not been able to run again for the presidency since he could not have three terms under Article III of our constitution, having served out Roosevelt’s 4th term, and one of his own; which made two terms. Roosevelt was allowed by the United States Supreme Court and the United States Congress to serve more than two terms, in violation of the constitution; because of the war effort underway at the time. Another article for another day, about usurping the constitution, and not living up to the oath of office by all involved.

Enter Eisenhower, Ike was a good guy, filled a need, but was basically do nothing president, played golf, was a historic General of the Army, who had successfully waged war in Europe, who sat as a placeholder while the Republicans and Democrats where deciding the next course of action for the United States’ next President and Commander in Chief.

During Ike’s time in office the liberals were further establishing themselves in the halls of congress, the state legislatures and state capitals, while kissing the behind of the newly formed UN in the name of global security, which was a farce, and did not mean much to the average hard working US citizen at the time. It was the next step in the evolution of what has happened to date.

Keep this in mind, while reading further, The New World Order (now renamed Globalization) that you will hear much about from those well Socialists/Marxists entrenched in the ideology of those espousing its salvation for the world and at the expense of Liberty and Freedom for all.

The Russians warned us, at the end of WW II, that socialism of the world under communism would happen, without ever firing a shot.

The Cold War was a serious threat, but not the over riding agenda, it was a distraction that allowed the socialist agenda to advance around the world while we the United States was preoccupied with the threat of war with the USSR. Their road map had already been drawn; Russia became the United Soviet Socialist Republic as it claimed the countries to form that Republic, using Republic in its name was a farce since it was not, and was never intended to be a Republic. It was a totalitarian bunch of thugs with Lenin and Stalin as the master thugs.

The Cold War which kept us, the US, occupied for the next thirty five years trying to keep our nation safe while the socialist, marxist and communists around the world entrenched themselves in positions of power in every country on earth that was not already within their power or influence. This included most of Europe, Central America, the United States of America, Canada, Cuba, New Zealand, all of South East Asia, Africa, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and South America, and the list goes on.

While we slept, most of us, our country was transformed, slowly, into a self indulgent society resting on the idea those we elected to congress, and the white house would watch out for “We The People” and the nation; while in fact the opposite was happening. Slowly, gradually, and methodically as congress, passed legislation, and the Presidents capitulate, and signed the legislation into laws that were clearly unconstitutional, with the intend to slow make the Constitution of the United States of America and its Amendments irrelevant, in their quest to change our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a Democracy without ever amending the constitution.

When the US Constitution was signed; and ratified by the various states, it set down the principles of how the Laws of the Republic were to be administered, who was to administer and under what principles they drew their powers to administer and represent the Federal Government for “We the People”; those directions are contained in the Articles of the Constitution and the Amendments thereto. The Federal Government has no other powers than those ordained in those documents.

Congress is supposed to legislate, under the authority given to them by the United States Constitution and the Amendments thereto. The Executive branch is the administrative branch of government which is charged with carrying out the legislation as signed into law, the executive branch has only those powers given to it by the constitution and no other. If congress passes legislation, and the President signs it into law, but congress has not provided funds to administer the legislation then the legislation, by law, is moot (has no effect) until funding is provided.

Now the Judicial Branch of our constitutional government, they are charged by our constitution to ensure all legislation passed by congress is constitutional before the legislation is sent to the Executive Branch to be signed into law; somewhere along way the Supreme Court has neglected to scrutinize the legislation coming out of congress, and only gets involved if it is challenged directly by the states or comes to them on appeal from a lower court decision. It’s like putting the cart before the horse scenario when they should be looking at it before it reached a lawsuit.

Much needs to be done by “We the People”, and it starts at the Ballot Boxes across the nation. Our representation need to change, and change as often as needed until those we elect get the message, we are paying attention; and when elected they represent us, are elected to work for us, that States’ Rights are sovereign, and the constitution is relevant and guiding in how they administer their oaths of office once elected.

Our duties as citizens, going forward, are to be involved, even if the only thing each of us does is Vote.

We cannot allow our constitution to be usurped by those that do not have the interest of our nation, and We The People, first and foremost in their minds.

Being self-serving is disingenuous, and makes those elected hypocrites.

Jim Buzzell
Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer
United States Navy
“Going in Harms Way”

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