Sunday, August 2, 2009

The New Smoking Gun in the Obama Constitutional Game

The following is this blog owner's personal feeling and comments, taking no reference from any other blogger or contributor.

It is August already, where does the time go?

It is interesting that not only does Obama not want to produce any of his vital records from birth to now; but he continues to spend very large sums of money from his campaign to keep these record from the light of day. This cover up only fuels the smoking gun theory that fuels the fires for those of us who want the truth, not just for the sake of truth, but to confirm our constitution has not been usurped, and thrown under the proverbial bus.

Now comes the new smoking gun to add more fuel to the fire; Obama's purported Kenyan Long Form Birth Certificate posted on other attorney sites. If verified as an authentic certified copy of his Kenyan birth this country will be thrown into a turmoil never before seen.

There are those who will cause riots to protest the removal of Obama from office because they will not be able to fathom the first black man being removed no matter what his origin. These are the people who do not understand our constitutional system of government, and believe the people rule ahead of the laws of the land. This is unfortunate, but a reality.

Then there are those who will protest the racial inequality of the removal; should in come. Again this will be for the same reasons stated above except they will be strictly playing the race card that Obama and others have taught them to use when cornered on any perceived racial issue; which this is not.

Should it come to pass that Obama is not a citizen of the United States, and is an illegal alien posing as a citizen, and be removed from office; this nation will survive the turmoil and humiliation suffer from Obama's actions.

This nation as a result will learn a needed lesson on the need to protect and defend our Constitutional Republic from being overturned from within.

It is my opinion that all of this is part of the larger conspiracy to over through our form of government, and institute the form of government that fits the NEW WORLD ORDER (Globalization) agenda being tauted by the subversives inside and outside of this country.

Conspiracy, you bet. Real, you bet. Can we stop it, you bet we can.

Do Not be Fooled by those who feel our form of government is antiquated, and needs to be progressive.

Not so, and the Founding Father, in the infinite wisdom, saw this coming down the road over 233 years ago, and setup safe guards in the Constitution of the United States of America to prevent this if only the citizens would exercise that right through their elections, in the courts and in their state governments.

Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer
United States Navy


  1. Re: "In Vattel’s writings on constitutional republics you find the word citizen(s) use to describe you and me in country, while the English Common Law refers to subjects in its reference to their countrymen."

    Vattel was a monarchist. His citizens do not even have the right to vote. Moreover, he does not say that the leader of a country should be even a citizen, much less a Natural Born Citizen (the words "natural born citizen" did not appear in a translation of Vattel until a decade after the Constitution). And Vattel recommends such things as a state religion, which our framers did not follow.

    A much more popular book among the writers of the Constitution, who were lawyers, was Blackstone, and he says that a Natural Born Subject (which we made into citizen) is simply someone who was born in the country. And the same was held by the Supreme Court, in the Wong Kim Ark case, which stressed that EVERY child born in the country was natural born.

  2. Your comments are not ture; you cannot equate Vattel to any form of government; only to the merits of what he wrote regarding each form of government and the intended or consequential results of each. Again misinformed on merit.

    You of course need to read the Founding Fathers diaries, papers and writings to come away the true intent of Our Constitution; which you have missed completely, unless you are a true progressive.

  3. Again, to borrow a quote; "The 1775 edition of this legal book was used as a reference by Benjamin Franklin and other founders to set up our new nation in 1776 in the writing of the Declaration of Independence and also in drafting the new form of federal government in 1789 and the writing of our Constitution, the fundamental law of our nation.

    Obama was born British. How can a person born a British Subject ever be considered to be a "natural born Citizen" of the USA, to constitutional standards? He cannot. Our founders must be rolling over in their graves witnessing what transpired in the 2008 election cycle."