Friday, July 24, 2009

As I start this blog, I will say that my constitutional education has been enhanced by the issue of Obama's eligibility to serve the office to which he was elected; not because his color, not because of his party affiliations (I did not vote for him), or his beliefs, but because he has sought to render the Constitution of the United States irrelevant. I therefore have taken the initiative to be vocally, and in writing involved in this matter at the state and congressional level.

I am a United States Constitutionalist including the Amendments thereto, and the Federal Papers from the founding fathers, a free market and enterprise supporter, and a supporter of the State's Rights.

Please feel free to comment in this blog, all are welcomed, I hope this will be educational and informative. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability and where I am deficient I will refer you to sites that can answer more fully than me.

That said I will share with you the letter I recently wrote to the editors of some local and national publications. Again feel free to respond, all are welcomed.

To the Editors -- I am very concerned, and am learning I am not alone, that the sitting president is an interloper and usurper to the office.

Obama has never produce a long form birth certificate, to prove he is a "Natural Born Citizen" of the United States of America. When he decides to provide the long form certificate it will, maybe, show evidence that he is a "citizen", and that would only be possible if his mother because of her age at his birth could bestow U.S. Citizenship. To date Obama has spent an estimated $900,000.00, or more keeping his vital records sealed from the public and those that have a need to know; interestingly presidents are not required to have a security clearance to be privileged to confidential and secret United States information. Why?

The United States Constitution is very clear in Article II that the only person eligible to be president or vice president be a "Natural Born Citizen". The framers were clear in their intention when framing the constitution to make sure 1) the United States would be a Republic, not a democracy, and 2) that the President of the United States and Commander in Chief would be a "Natural Born Citizen", with the exception of the first few presidents whom they exempted because of the early citizens would have had problems meeting that standard so early in the history of the United States. The framers took much of the framing from Vattel's Law of Nations, and intended his interpretation of "Natural or Native Born Citizen when writing Article II.

Obama can not meet the requirements for "Natural Born Citizen"; his father was Kenyan, by his own admission, and a British Crown Subject at the time of Obama's birth; therefore Obama citizenship at birth was as a British Crown Subject; this he could have renounced at the age of majority; there is no evidence that ever happened, and if he had done so he could have then claimed his US Citizenship or applied for naturalization; again there is not evidence thereto.

All of this is enough to provide reasonable doubt in his eligibility, without going into his Indonesian history; which is another story of Obama's assorted life.

The United States Senate found it necessary to provide a resolution on McCain's birth abroad in Panama to two United States Citizens on a military base; and in that resolution it was stated that he was born of two United States Citizens, and therefore qualified.

Why did the Senate find that necessary to pass that resolution, on McCain's as a "Natural Born Citizen" and give Obama a complete pass when he obviously could not meet the same standard at birth? Interestingly Senator Obama voted "yes" on the resolution; what hypocrisy.

I have much more to say on this issue, but this is enough for now. I really do not understand why the media is avoiding this issue; when there are several pending lawsuits across the country; and some that were dismissed, but others very viable,

One attorney is now receiving death threats, and her car was tampered with to make it catch on fire; had she not heeded the warning lights when she started it up in an airport parking lot it would have caught on fire or exploded. Her mechanic has verified the that the car was tampered with. Interesting, another side to Obamatics.

If you have any questions about my letter please contact me.

Jim Buzzell
Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer
United States Navy

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